2011 Ford Super Duty FX4 Truck Review in Texas

Recently Ford Motor Company approached me to test-drive a few of their vehicles. Evidently, they have identified me as a “social media influencer.” While I don’t know if I deserve the title, I have been actively working the net for my employer XPEL Technologies in an effort to educate the automotive enthusiast about the benefits of clear bra’s and paint protection film. Whether that merits me as an automotive influencer only time will tell. What I do know, is that I will see a wide range of vehicles and over the next several weeks and will be providing my opinion and experiences (of which I am sure that there will many to write about) on the Ford product line.
First up is the 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty FX4 Crew Cab Lariat. The best description I have about this truck came from my friend Kenny this morning in Houston. As he hopped into the cab, he said “Man this thing is a Freak’n Hoss.” I think that pretty much nailed it.
The Super Duty arrived at my office Wednesday afternoon, and the size of this truck speaks to everyone’s inner Godzilla. Like Godzilla, you feel like you can devour anything that comes into your path as you cruise on down the highway. For Godzilla, it is laying waste to skyscrapers and power lines. For the driver of this truck it means devouring any small car that is in front of you on the road. I am quite sure I could monster truck an old Triumph with it.
The second feature that I took a liking to is the powerful 6.7 liter V-8 Diesel engine. I imagine that this truck with a nearly $8,000 diesel engine upgrade is designed to pull a horse trailer somewhere in South Texas or a 38 foot powerboat around Lake Travis in Austin but if you don’t have either, don’t worry. The power that this engine offers makes this truck a lot of fun on the highway.
As for the ride itself, it is amazingly smooth and quiet for a huge truck. I have been in many a diesel truck over the years, and the noise that the engine produces can be quite loud at times. Engine noise is definitely not a problem with this F-250. Now, the engine does get great mileage for a truck of this size, but don’t expect to make too many trips between San Antonio, Austin and Houston like I did without parting with some serious money at the fuel pump. Of course, I was having so much fun I was always going faster than I should. Sorry, it just felt natural.
Overall, during the week that I had the truck it was a blast to drive on and off road. It took a little getting used to from driving my daily four-door Volvo, but luckily, it always seemed like the other driver was eager to get out of my way.
During the week, I was able to travel over a good section of the state of Texas and catch some nice views and sunsets while on the road. I am not a native Texan, (I grew up in Southern California) but I sure did feel like a Tall Texan in this very capable F-250 Super Duty. I think that the country music stations that I was listening to on my way to Houston from San Antonio sounded a little bit better too.

Eric R. Keller


  1. Mike Herzing

    March 27, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Geez Eric…. You drive a Volvo? What happened to your Yugo? You look pretty comfortable driving the Ford and I hope you have fun. I think it is a great truck and a big reason that Ford is so successful. Did you check the fuel economy? MH

  2. Eric Keller

    March 28, 2011 at 2:49 pm


    I did check the fuel economy. After the first few days of punching the accelerator because I like the power so much from that Turbo Diesel I slowed it down a notch and I found that I did get very good fuel economy. I averaged around 17 MPG while driving. The trick was to keep below 2,000 RPM’s during my intial acceleration from a stop. The only thing I would change about the truck is I most likely would not have that Aggie looking paint job. I like burnt orange much better.

  3. Mike Herzing

    March 29, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    HAH!!! When I had that truck I bit the bullet and drove it between 65-70 on a 150 mile trip and got 21.5 mpg. You can do it big guy. I was at the launch of the vehicle in super flat Arizona and one of the trucks in our group really worked it and got 26mpg! It can happen, especially after the engine breaks in.

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