Automotive minute: What to check at 100K miles

This is Mike Herzing from Lets Talk Wheels with an automotive tip brought to you by the great folks at Jeep. 

I get emails every week from folks asking what to check when their car (or truck) reaches 100K miles. 

Assuming you have kept up with the routine things like fluids, filters, and brakes, lets talk about this. 

First of all, I’d look closely at the suspension. Don’t forget it holds up the car and allows you to drive safely. 

Over the years and miles, the entire suspension (especially the front end) will show wear. Your shocks, struts, ball joints, bushings, and wheel bearings need to be inspected every other oil change. 

Not only can these parts fail and strand you, they can cause abnormal tire wear.

Luckily, shops do this all the time and can do a quick check whenever they are doing other services, such as an oil change. 

Most shops check these things for free, there is no reason to put it off. 

This is Mike Herzing from Lets Talk Wheels brought to you by Jeep.

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