Automotive minute: Fixing up your older car

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This is Mike Herzing from Lets Talk Wheels with an automotive tip brought to you by the great folks at Jeep. 

I have listeners asking every week for tips on fixing up their older cars. 

And since I bought a used 2008 truck last week for the farm, it’s the perfect time to tell you how I’m going to do it.  

First, since this truck has 135k miles and still has the original radiator hoses, they will be replaced along with a coolant flush. 

The brakes are fine but the fluid is old, so new brake fluid. Same with the power steering fluid. 

I’m changing the fuel and air filters, and the oil and oil filter. 

I’m doing an injector and intake cleaning and also replacing the spark plugs. 

I’m topping it off with a transmission and differential fluid change and that should do the trick. 

If you are going to do this too, be sure to use Original Equipment parts and quality fluids. It makes a big difference.  

After this, I’ll have a farm truck I can depend on for years to come. 

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