Automotive Minute: Parts Store Diagnosis

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This is Mike Herzing from Let’s Talk Wheels with an automotive tip brought to you by the great folks at Jeep. 

Modern automobiles have over 65 computers and an average price of over $36k. 

But, I still get emails from people that go to the auto parts store to diagnose their car.  

Why go to a parts store to fix your car?

Most of the employees are kids and have no tech training. 

If they could fix cars, they would be doing it and making more money.   

All they’ll do is look at a $30 code reader, give you the trouble code and some of the parts that could cause it. 

And would you like fries with that?

I know they want to sell parts, but the parts they sell aren’t original parts, and they fail all the time. 

But people still fall for this. 

The same people go to the first aid aisle at WalMart when they suspect a heart attack.  

Please, go to a shop you trust with Certified Techs and get a quality repair with a warranty!   

Spend your money wisely!

This is Mike Herzing from Lets Talk Wheels Brought to you by our friends at Jeep.  

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