Automotive Minute: Poor fuel economy

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This is Mike Herzing from Let’s Talk Wheels with an automotive tip brought to you by the great folks at Jeep. 

I get emails every week asking what to check when a vehicle starts using more fuel.  

Poor fuel economy is one of the best indicators that there is a problem. 

Assuming you have kept up with the routine things like fluids & filters, I’d look at the spark plugs. On most newer cars the replacement is 90-100k miles. 

If you go much farther you can damage the coils, which will cost a lot more. 

Also, the mass air flow and oxygen sensors wear and don’t do their job as well, so they should be checked or cleaned. 

Carbon buildup can rob your engine of power and economy, so you might want to have your shop perform and intake and injector system clean when they are replacing the plugs. 

The additives at the parts store aren’t strong enough, so don’t bother to do it yourself.

Waiting only costs you more, so please don’t put it off. 

This is Mike Herzing from Let’s Talk Wheels brought to you by Jeep.

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