Camry Water Leak

Lucy writes: My 2004 Camry has a strange intermittent water leak on the passengers side. The strange thing is that it only happens on turns and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. It seems to be clean water, but my carpets are soaked, Where should I look?

I will bet that your problem is that your AC evaporator drain has become partially plugged. On a humid day the AC will draw so much humidity out of the air that the drain is constantly dripping on the ground near your right front wheel. If the drain is restricted, the case (under the dash on the right side) fills up and will splash out. Find the drain hose ad get a can of compressed air (for computers) and shoot a little inside to clear it. Whatever you do, don’t poke anything metal in the hose, the evaporator coils are easily damaged, and expensive.

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