Chevy Tahoe Fuel Pump

Lenora writes: I have a 2006 Tahoe that I truly love. I have a habit of driving until I am almost out of fuel before I fill up. My husband says I am always running around with the fuel gauge on “E”. I was told that this habit could cost me an expensive fuel pump someday. Is that true?

Yes Lenora, it is true, and let me explain: Your vehicle’s fuel injection, like all of them, requires high fuel pressure. A small electric fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank and “pushes” the fuel to the injectors. Because of this high pressure, the pump works really hard and uses the fuel to keep cool. (if it sounds crazy to have an electrical device immersed in gasoline- it is) Running your fuel level low constantly causes these little pumps to run hot and have a much shorter life. With replacement pumps costing $400 or more plus the cost of removing the fuel tank to replace them, you might want to change this habit.

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