Convertible Question

Shelly writes: Ok, I have a strange question that I can’t find an answer to, even on the internet. What is the difference between a convertible, a cabriolet, and a roadster?

Shelly, this was a question that I had to ask an expert, Ralph Gilles former head of design and now CEO of Dodge. Ralph says: “A Convertible is a Four seater. Cabriolet is definitely French for Convertible. Often shortened to Cabrio…Used by marketers to add a little fashion! A Roadster is a two seater. Here is more: a Speedster is a permanent Roadster with very compromised weather proofing if at all. Hardtop Convertible is a pillar less steel roof car with full drop class. A Dual Cowl Phaeton is a Convertible with a fire wall between front and rear occupants often with a variety of roof systems.” So there you have it, from a guy who knows.

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