Defining Maintenance Schedules

Helen writes: I have been listening to you talk about the importance of doing scheduled maintenance on our cars. My new car’s owners manual talks about normal service and severe service. I have been going by the normal requirements, but my brother says that is not enough. What is the difference?

Helen, great question, and an important one, because if you go by the “normal driving” schedule, you’ll be inviting failures. I don’t know of any place in Texas that qualifies for the “normal driving” maintenance recommendations. The industry says: If you drive in stop and go driving, or high temperatures, or high humidity, or dusty conditions, or use the A/C often, you should use the severe service recommendations. In Texas, we have ALL of these conditions not just one of them. Go by the more complete schedule and you will avoid a lot of problems and get more trouble free miles from your vehicle.

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