GM’s new Volt and Cruze debut at Houston’t Lone Star Chevrolet

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the debut of the Volt and the Cruze at Lone Star Chevrolet. The people at the dealership were friendly and always ready to help. Of course the big draw was the new Electric Volt. Unlike a Hybrid, the Volt runs ONLY on electric power and uses a backup generator to charge the battery to extend the 40 mile range for another 300 miles without refueling. The battery technology is amazing! I also learned that Chevy cools and heats the battery to extend its life. Unlike other EV makers that don’t bother. The Cruze was interesting and should be a big draw for Corolla and Civic customers looking for more value. The fit, finish, and overall build quality of both cars was as good as anything on the market today. Anyone that hasn’t been to a GM showroom lately is in for a big treat. With the product this good, it is easy to buy American. MH

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