Let’s Talk Wheels: Car Questions

Daphne writes: I head you mention last week that new car deals are terrific right now.  I am in the market for a new compact hatchback or SUV for commuting 60 miles a day in traffic. Since you always say there are no bad cars on the market these days, what would you choose if you had a budget of  $20K?  

Mike: Indeed, new car deals with zero percent financing, rebates, and even deferred payments have been announced by several OEM’s. My first pick would be the Hyundai Kona (priced from $20,300) followed by the Jeep Renegade, (priced from $22,375) and the Mazda CX30 (priced from $21,300) 

My next choices would be the Nissan Kicks (from $18,870) and, finally, the Chevy Trax (from $21,300). These prices are list prices, and there are very few vehicles still going for list price. You should be able to save several thousand dollars right now. Also, to curb the spread of COVID-19, dealers are selling cars without physical contact with the customer. This service includes delivering your new vehicle free of charge.    

Les writes: I just bought a 2020 Wrangler and love it!!! But when should I  change the oil? I have heard people saying 3K and also those saying 7K. My mileage is mostly highway and some offroading. I live in Dacula, GA, outside of Atlanta.

Mike: Thanks for the email, Les. If it were mine, I would change the oil at 5k miles and use at least a synthetic blend oil. Using a full synthetic would be even better. I do this with all of my vehicles. I rotate the tires at the same time also.