Nissan Pathfinder Cooling System

Darrel writes: I have a 2005 V6 Nissan Pathfinder with 119k miles. I read last week about having your cooling system checked and since it had started running hotter lately, I thought I’d do it. The tech showed me how bad it was. It was horrible! It looked like red mud. Now, I’m worried that it will be an ongoing problem. What should I do?

Darrel, you NEED to be very worried, because it really COULD become a serious ongoing problem. I would drive it a month and go have it drained and filled again. Once the corrosion has started, it is hard to stop. Don’t put anymore flush chemicals in if you don’t have to, just do a fluid exchange and add a anti-corrosive agent. You may have to do it again in a month or two, but you should be able to beat this. Read today’s tip!

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