Toyota Sequoia Transmission

Kevin writes: When I called about having the transmission in my Sequoia serviced, they asked me if I wanted to flush it. What is the difference between a regular service and a flush?

Kevin, The traditional drain and fill only removes about 4 quarts of fluid from the system. The other 8-10 quarts of worn out fluid remains trapped in the converter and lines. During a flush, a cleaner is run through the system to loosen dirt and varnish. Then the transmission is connected to a machine that circulates between 14-16 quarts of fresh fluid while removing all of the old, contaminated fluid at the same time. Since fluid is the lifeblood of a transmission, removing ALL of the old fluid instead of just 1/4th of it just makes good sense. If you do a flush every 30k miles, you will extend the life of that transmission dramatically.

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