When should I change my oil?

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I get questions every week about oil change intervals. Her is my take on this.   

Some car companies say you can drive their cars 10,000 miles before changing the oil. But, that is a perfect world, and they want to sell you another car.

What should dictate your oil change interval is: where and how you drive.

Stop and go driving in hot, humid, dusty areas are the worst scenario.

As a general rule, I tell folks that by using quality oil and a quality oil filter they should be able to go 5,000 miles between changes. Can’t go wrong there.

Now, if you drive mainly highway miles, you just might be able to stretch that to 7,500 miles safely.  But, if you keep your vehicles for a long time, do you want to take a chance?

If you do any towing, hauling, or you drive like Me, I would use synthetic oil and change it at 5,000-6,000 miles.  This way you get the best protection and value.

Don’t forget, with these longer oil change intervals; you have to check your oil level every month. If your engine uses any oil, (and many do) the level could become low and damage the engine.

And, using the old 3,000-mile interval is just paying your lube shops boat payment, so don’t do that.   

Just thought I would answer some of your questions on this popular topic.

This is Mike Herzing from Lets Talk Wheels

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